The Sadness Behind The Smile

the sadness behind the smile book coverThis book is about emotional abuse that many people go through and is something that can go undetectable especially when looking at a males point of view. Its everywhere and even in the unexpected places can be found. This book is a highlight and insight to my life and struggle with emotional abuse and its to show that everyone has their scars its just that some of mine are on the inside..

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  1. Hello sir, I’m Rachel’s other half, we’ve been speaking about family and I want to extend my hand, I’m respectful, raised right, and am hopefully a respectful young gentleman, I hope to become a part of your family as I believe family is everything. I’m also an artist, if you needed illustrations for your book il do that for free for you, as someone that wants your respect, I hope for a meaningful relationship between us. I’m Oli, I’m an artist, I’m in love with Rachel and I think we should colab. Much love, Oli Cleary x

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