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PERSONAL SHOPPER FOR YOU !personal shopper

Whether you lack the time or desire to shop for your home’s needs, I will bring your shopping blues to an end. After becoming familiar with your personal tastes and budget, I will make practical purchases that are sure to please you.

If you’re not satisfied, I will make returns at no additional charge and continue to shop until you are completely satisfied. You may prefer that I accompany you on shopping trips initially. This will allow both parties to have input on the spot. My personal shopping service will help you avoid time-consuming indecision and costly mistakes.

Imagine this: It’s 6:00 pm and Jane, a mother of three, is driving home, exhausted from a full day at the office. After picking up her children from the sitter, she remembers the cupboard is empty, the refrigerator is bare, and they’ve already eaten out four times this week. Fearfully, Jane pulls into the supermarket parking lot and circles for five minutes trying to find a parking space. She drags the kids out of the car. As she walks up and down each crowded grocery aisle, her kids toss junk food into the cart left and right.

By this time STRESS kicks in and all you want to do is go home. STOP…. this can all be avoided

Your personal grocery shopper ME will make this happen! I would be dedicated to saving you time and money on your groceries and in your life.  What would you do with an extra two hours each week?

Have fun? Relax? Get more done? Now you can make that extra time a reality.

Here is how it works:

1. Email or phone your grocery list.

2. Spend your free time doing what you want.

3. Have your groceries personally delivered to you at a time and day that suits you!

As a customer, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a personal grocery shopper:

  • Avoid impulse purchases
  • No unwanted trips to the supermarket
  • Convenience
  • Save Time
  • Save Money

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