images (79)Why might you need a gardener?

One off Garden tidying

Don’t be put off if you only have a small garden, it just means I can get the job done (and you get the results!) even quicker, and costing you less.

Maintaining a presentable and usable garden can be hard work no matter who you are.

Perhaps you’re too busy with your work or children, or you struggle with the physical nature of garden work through age or illness or circumstance.

 why not consider paying for a one-off or regular visit for a gardener to come and maintain your garden

looking for a cheap gardener to clear overgrown garden and make it suitable/safe for children to play in?

With budgets being squeezed, more people are spending more time at home to entertain themselves, their family and friends.  A gardening service to keep the garden a pleasant place to sit and spend time in is much more economical than having to pay to go out and entertain.

Let me take care of the garden for you. You can then think about a general garden maintenance timetable to keep the garden looking good after that, or take over from there yourself.

So I fit that bill and for a FREE no obligation quote call keith on 07809628760



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