For some parents, conflict continues to create distress for them and their children. Problems may arise over issues that are not specifically addressed. When a conflict arises, children often feel caught in the middle. This situation may put them at greater risk for emotional and behavioral problems—e.g., poor school performance, anxiety, uncontrollable anger, and depression.

Intense and prolonged inter-parental conflict can also cause problems for children indirectly. It can impair the ability of each parent to deal effectively with the children. It can draw the children into the conflict and disrupt the children’s relationships with one or both parents.

  • How can I motivate my child to try their best at school?
  • How do I build a better relationship with my child?
  • How do I stop my teenager getting involved in drinking, drugs, antisocial behavior or truanting?
  • How do I encourage my partner to participate in my child’s life?
  • How do I put boundaries in place with my child?
  • What youth and parent services are available in my community?

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