As an accredited parenting facilitator

I can help, guide and give you the tools needed to implement where needed:

  • a safe space to share your views and be listened to
  • an opportunity to get information and ideas to help with decisions about bringing up your children
  • new skills, and support in developing your confidence
  • connections with the wider communities and services in your area
  • mums and dads, grandparents, foster carers, and teen parents
  • parents from different ethnic minority communities and faith backgrounds
  • parents who speak different languages
  • parents with disabilities or learning difficulties
  • individuals with very different qualifications and jobs
  • people like you!
  • raising parents’ skill level in collaborative planning and decision making for their children
  • educating parents on co-parenting techniques and issues related to children growing up between two homes.
  • identifying sources of conflict between them and consider ways to address them
  • facilitating communication between the parents and between parents and others who relate to the children—e.g., grandparents,
  • assisting the parents in compliance with court orders
  • Increasing confidence in you and your child
  • Building a better relationship with your child
  • Finding alternatives to shouting, nagging and feeling out of control
  • Setting and maintaining limits for behaviours including bedtime problems, fussy eating, sibling rivalry,
  • aggression, tantrums, homework battles and social issues.

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